Honouring those who build healthy community.

The Spirit of St Patrick Award recognises and honours those who have offered significant service and contribution to the building of healthy, inclusive community in their local area.

Sponsored by the St Patrick Foundation, the Spirit of Saint Patrick Award, is awarded on the basis of community nominations and is presented both at Saint Patrick Breakfasts and at local St Patrick’s Day parades.

SOSP-TrophyThe annually presented local trophy, created by Mullingar Pewter, consists of a beautifully detailed statue of St Patrick mounted on a Walnut base and engraved with the winner’s name.

If you know of a group or organisation in your community who have made a great impact for good in the lives of others, why not nominate them for our award?

If there is no award presented in your local area, why not begin the tradition? Just contact our office and we will give you all the details.

Our recent winners here in Maynooth are listed below:

2014  EVE Larine (Click for more info.)

2013 Maynooth Scouts
2012 Doyle School of Dance
2011 Maynooth Senior Citizens
2010 Maynooth Tidy Towns