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SPF Parade Walks

SPF-Parade-Banner-400x300There is something special about going for a walk together. The pleasant surroundings, relaxed conversation, and gentle exercise somehow combine to make it one of our very favourite activities. Happily, walking together is also one of the very easiest steps we can take towards building a healthy and inclusive community.

The idea behind Saint Parade walks is to invite representatives of the various nationalities and cultures now represented in our communities to participate together as part of a local March 17th parade.  Registering as part of a local parade is  straightforward and costs only a small amount. Get a Saint Patrick Foundation Banner (from us). Invite folks to wear their national colours and carry their national flags. Add some smiles, balloons and jelly snakes to hand out along the route, and before you know it not only you will be having a great time participating in your local St Patrick’s Day parade, you’ll be one of the favourite entries for all the kids who come along to watch!

“Thanks for walking with me!”

SPF-Parade-Flags-400x300As you can see from the photos on our site, walking together on March 17th not only adds great fun and colour to any parade, it also makes a wonderful visual statement about what and how we want our communities to be throughout the year. Over the years one of the regular refrains shared by those who participate is ‘thank you for walking with me.’ It’s as simple as that.

We’ll be delighted to give you all the help you need to get organised and to assist you with whatever posters, flyers and banners you’d like to have for the day. Just contact us on