“If separation is the seed of conflict, reconciliation begins with the simple act of meeting together.”

Saint Patrick Breakfasts are an opportunity for people from all backgrounds, cultures and traditions to meet together on March 17th.  Their goal is to create a relaxed and fun context in which those attending can build new friendships, enjoy the rich diversity of our modern Irish culture, and be inspired by the legacy of our Patron Saint.

These breakfasts can be very informal and simple – such as inviting a few neighbours to join you for some food before you head out to the parade, or very formal and complicated – such as a large multi-element event for several hundred people in a local hotel. The important thing is to kick off our March 17th celebrations by widening our circles a little and inviting some others, particularly those from different backgrounds to us, to spend a part of the morning in our, and each other’s, company.

Saint Patrick spent the majority of his life reaching out across all the borders and divides that existed in his day. In celebrating his life and legacy what could be more appropriate than for us to do the same?

Whether you’d like to try something very simple, or have a go at organising a full-blown Saint Patrick Breakfast for your whole community, we’d be glad to help you get started. Just email us at office@saintpatrickfoundation.org and we’ll get in touch.