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Leading through Conflict Seminars

Our Leading through Conflict (LTC) seminars are one day training events designed to walk participants through the basic principles and methodologies used in conflict resolution. Not everyone is suited to lead conciliation processes but, even as participants, the more we undersLeading-thru-Conflict--square-graphictand what is going on in conflict the more we will be to function and contribute healthily when it arises. Using a combination of presentation, discussion and role play, our LTC seminars provide a staged approach to conflict training that begins at the level of basic information and personal practice and goes right through to LTC Trainer Training.

Level 1: LTC1: Basic Training in Conflict Theory and Practice

Level 2: LTC2: Advanced Training in the 5 Stage Conciliation Process

Level 3:  LTC3: Facilitator Training

It is our hope that out of our Leading through Conflict training we will be able to raise up facilitators and conciliators around the country who will be able to provide informal and professional support within their areas.


Recommendations for Leading through Conflict:

“Keith is very accessible and approachable. He explores the subject of conflict and conflict resolution with great insight, enthusiasm and positivism. I have used his approach to conflict resolution with great effect in personal conflicts, conflicts among team members and in workplace scenarios. I can vouch for the value and effectiveness of this training. I recommend it to anyone involved in ministry, working with teams, clubs or within organisations and indeed to everyone as we can benefit from this training in our daily lives.”

Seamus Burke – Care Pastor at Solid Rock Church, Drogheda
“Keith presented his Leading through Conflict material at our BCM conference. The general comments on our feedback sheets ranged from “Excellent, we need more of this” to “How can we get him to our country” (it was an international conference). Unfortunately, we could only give him a few hours and he had to cram so much into it. I would love to have been able to give him the whole day.
From my perspective I believe it is necessary to understand conflict and that it is potentially a very useful tool when used positively. “Leading Through Conflict” is an apt and excellent title to a seminar which can turn a potentially destructive scenario into very positive God honouring experience.”

 Richard Thompson, BCM’s Ireland Director
and BCM Int. UK/Ireland Regional Coordinator

Some Comments from our Feedback Sheets:

“I am so glad I made the time on a Saturday to attend LTC. If I had had this input before, it would have made a huge difference to how I faced conflict. I would have had more hope and less fear.”

“This was a most valuable day and should be mandatory for all leaders in a Christian environment.”

“A really excellent introduction on how to handle conflict.”