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The Saint Patrick Foundation is a reconciliation ministry founded upon the life and legacy of our Patron Saint. Through our Saint Patrick Breakfasts, the Spirit of St Patrick Award Scheme, our Leadership Training programme and our Conciliation Service, our desire is to bring people together and inspire them to excellence in reconciliation.

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No one looms larger in ancient Irish history or modern Irish celebration than the figure of Saint Patrick. The story of this runaway slave boy, who used his freedom to bring faith and hope to the land of his oppression, is both fascinating and inspiring.

Trafficked and mistreated as a teenager and yet discovering, in the midst of his struggle, an unshakeable commitment to reconciliation, Patrick developed a passion in his life for a world in which every life would be valued. His rugged determination to see that vision realised led to radical transformation to the social, political and spiritual climate of Ireland in the 5th century. It also left behind for us an amazing and enduring legacy that is just as inspirational today.

St Patrick1March 17th is one of the biggest parties in the world’s annual calendar. Over 80 million people in more than 200 countries around the world participate in its annual pageant. Without question it is a day filled with ceol agus craic, with music and fun. And we should be rightly proud of that. But what if our ‘big day’ could be about something even more?

What if amidst our revelling this great global family of ours were to act together for the same sort of goals that drove Patrick’s life? What if we were to use this day that honours our Patron Saint to also honour his vision?

At an individual level, very few people know the real story behind Ireland’s most famous leader. We would like to change that. At a national level, Ireland needs an inspirational banner under which issues like identity, alienation and sectarianism can be addressed by all creeds and backgrounds. We believe Saint Patrick provides that. At a local level, our and other increasingly diverse modern populations are struggling to create any real sense of togetherness. We believe St Patrick’s Day can address that.

To this end, in the Saint Patrick Foundation, we want to retell Patrick’s inspirational story; to positively develop the way he is celebrated in Ireland and around the globe; and to harness that celebration to recast Patrick’s vision for a world in which every life is valued and every injustice is ended.