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Call us: 086 8530096

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First Steps in Facing Conflict

Finding ourselves facing relational or organisational conflict is never easy. Whether the situation has been slow burning in its development, or seems to have suddenly blown up out of nowhere, there are few things in life more challenging to walk through.  Our anxieties and emotions flare; we feel shock, hurt and anger; we slide from indignation to fear; we fluctuate between our desire for justice and our yearning to run away.

In such moments, one of the very best things we can do is to step back from the situation and talk through what we are facing with someone experienced in conflict resolution. Such conversation can enable us to recapture our equilibrium and help us to think clearly about what we are dealing with.  It can allow us to gain perspective, identify the key issues at play in the dispute, and draw up a healthy response to what is going on.

Few of us have ever received any real training or instruction on how to handle the conflicts that come along in our lives. Our desire in SPF is to help bridge some of that gap. Our trained and experienced facilitators can provide an opportunity to chat through what you are facing, and offer some guidance as you figure out how to respond in a healthy way.

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